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Default Re: In Defense of Mike Tomlin

Cowher lost I don't know how many of his starters between 1997 thru 2000. Carnell Lake, Chad Brown, Rod Woodson, etc, The Steelers were losing so many guys I am suprised they didnt go 2-14 or 3-13 in those years. It wasnt until the new stadium was built where the Steelers finally were able to be competetive with they're free agents.

Tomlin will have to show his stuff though. Cowher never had a bad offensive line his entire 15 years in Pittsburgh. Once Cowher got a true QB, he won a Super Bowl. Give Bill Cowher Big Ben or Tom Brady or Manning and see how many rings he would have won. Its a combination of so many things and you need some luck. However, in Tomlin's situation, he will need to adjust the offense to combat pressure. Which means he will need to tell Bug Ben that he needs to know when the blitz will come and audible or adjust the play at the line to confuse the defense. Thats what the great QBs do. And what the great coaches do with help their players from 1 thru 53.
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