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Default Re: question on a deletion

Originally Posted by slashsteel View Post
I go to 8 messages boards and 1 myspace, And this is the only one who thought to delete the video. Censorship is fine but sometimes it can be overboard. Which I believe is the case here.

Anyone who wants to see it pm me and I'll give you a link........

BTW the photos are from myspace and photobucket & a few other places.......
I'm sorry you feel that way, slash. We don't make the rules - we are just asked to enforce them in the best interests of our members, which includes several young teens. Ask yourself - would you want your child vieweing that video? Hell - I'm as hip as they come for a late-40's chick and have no problem with checkin' out the nekkie, but I wouldn't have wanted my kids when they were teenagers to have access to that type of video. This is primarily a Steelers/sports BB, not a porn site or a Myspace page.

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