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Default Re: Am I The Only One?

Originally Posted by steelpride12 View Post
Our defense is def. alot stronger with Harrison and Wood coming in and picking there rolls up quickly.

Our secondary is def. much improved after 2 seasons ago when Ike got benched for poor play, and no he makes excellent plays. Mcfadden has stepped up huge for Deshea and has earned the #2 Corner roll.
Polumalu is finally healthy and back to normal, you cant complain that he has played 3 games this season and has 3 INT's.

I feel its all heart at this point. The line was practically the same last season in the 38-7 win and they gave up only 2 sacks. So if the players adjust and go out with the mindset of domination and play like there getting paid millions, they can pull out a good game against the ratbirds.
The Steelers right now have allowed a whopping 38 points, or 12.7 points per game. If the season ended today, that would top the 2004 team which allowed just under 16 points per game, and last year's team that average just over 16 PPG. Now granted, they still have some pretty powerful offensive teams left on the schedule, but if that isn't better, then I don't know what is.
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