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Default Re: question on a deletion

Originally Posted by slashsteel View Post
No I wouldn't have a problem with my kid watching it. As it was said you see worse things on TV. In the video you see no nudity and nobody is dry humping like you see on TV.

The only thing strongly suggested was that Steelers women are fanatics.

Rules can be interpreted in many ways.

Know I am not mad more disappointed. And know if you think the kids here can't see worse things than women in skimpy clothing on the web, then someone is missing the boat.

Obviously you interpret the rules your way and you run the board. So I will just agree to disagree and move on. I will just watch what I share here.................

Again HTG Ilike you not mad just telling you how I feel.
Thanks for trying to understand, slash.

There was a LOT more revealed in that video than just Steelers women being "fanatics".

While I realize kids can easily access porn or "revealing pictures" on the net (particularly if their parents either don't give a rat's ass or aren't paying attention), they won't be able to access any of that here on our forums. We pride ourselves in trying to make this forum as enjoyable as possible for our members, as well as respectable for our Steelers youngins.

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