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Default Re: Am I The Only One?

I think its a matter of line identity. This line was drafted to help move the ball by running. Specifically powered with a big back with incredible vision of tight spaces, punishing delivery to second and third level backs and a lightness of feet which allows quick cutbacks. Now they are being asked to block for a different kind of runner and protect a passer. In my opinion Tomlin and Arians are not going to abandon their hope of converting the offense over to suit the QB instead of the HB. They will continue to run a scheme that doesnt suit our linemans natural abilities. Why? Because thats what a lot of you Steelers fans want. Big Ben is making 110 million for a reason. Mendlehall and Sweed were taking for a reason. The Steelers under current ownership typically stay the course no matter the bumps. Allow Tomlin and company the same courtesy their bosses allow them...patience.
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