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Default Re: In Defense of Mike Tomlin

Tomlin's learning, but he's come a long ways.

Last year we had huge issues going into the season with our LBing corp. Now we have arguably the strongest pair of OLB, three MLB that would be starters for any 3-4 or 4-3, and a backup in Keyaron Fox that could probably start on half the teams. Not bad for a guy given one draft class (yes, he got lucky on Harrison, but Timmons and Woodley panned out so well losing Clark Haggans wasn't a problem and many call for Foote to be demoted).

This year we got a HB that looked good, before getting injured. Sweed who many predicted would be the only receiver to go in the first round before his injury, a former Heismann-worthy QB, and another bolster to our LB corps.

Oh, and Russell and Stapleton look like pretty good UDFA pickups.

His only questionable coaching decisions so far have been challenges, and this year he's been pretty on. I agree with the call to go for a touchdown in the Eagles game after hearing his reasoning.

Mike Tomlin is a solid coach who, instead of relying on his talented team his first year, played to their strengths and let Ben help design the playbook. We have a tenacious no-huddle offense because Tomlin isn't afraid to spread some responsibility. I'm pretty sure St. Louis, Oakland, Baltimore, and Miami would kill to have Tomlin after seeing how good he is. That's only mentioning teams who need coaches from last year or this year. Carolina, Indianapolis, San Francisco, etc that are potentially in the market for a new coach in ~2 years are hoping they don't get slammed with a bad coach.
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