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Originally Posted by Kvnfaber View Post
Maybe i just thought of it as, "Hey guys, snap out of it, we pay ALOT of money to come and support you guys and this is what we are getting?" The tradition of excellence has us spoiled and some of the fans didn't know how to react when faced with a really bad first half.

As for me, I was on my couch in disbelief, but I wasn't about to throw in the towel. I was hoping someone was in there at halftime ripping them a new one. Ask yourself this:

How is fans booing the team different from Ben saying to his offense-"Guys lets get with it, I am getting my ass kicked out here and I need you to start protecting, I'm frankly disgusted in the way we played that first half and we need to turn this thing around."

I gaurentee thats what alot of the booing fans were thinking. I'm not really sure why I'm defending them, I just think that not all boos mean "you guys suck and have lost the game already and we are quitting on you."

Either way, I'm not gonna boo them, just because thats not how I am, and i'll always be behind the team and their decisions.
I think booing while at the game is for Raider fans. We are not the ain'ts. What is next paper bags on heads. How can you be the 12 man if you are booing. Keep things in house. Boo and yell at home in front of TV or on a forum. Not during game. Obviously when you are drinking and unhappy at game most including myself will voice frustration, but to boo our struggling offense is could be counterproductive. Just my opinion. People pay good money and can boo if they want. The only time I would boo is if a guy is not giving 100 percent, which isn't the case with our offense.
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