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I have no problem "BOOing" the Steelers live, at the sports bar, or at home. More times than not I'm not booing the player as much as I am the playcalling - things such as prevent defense, prevent offense, dumbass calls on 3rd and short (going for it all when you only need 3 yards for a first), etc - I won't lie there are times when I'm booing the players and their seemingly lack of interest in the game. I only saw bits and pieces of the game last night but from what I did see, some of last night had to do with the play of Flacco then it did the play of our defense and it also had to do with the play of the ratbirds defense rather than our offense.

However, I've never left the stadium early or the bar early. And I rarely shut the game off unless I'm feeling the symptoms of the flu or completely incapacitated due to some ailment.

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