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Default The Steelers Suck!

The Steelers suck! I hate them! The players are too small, too slow, too stupid. The coaches call plays like 3-year-olds. The dieticians feed them McDonalds, and the trainers aren't even trained! Ben Roethlisberger should be a back-up and Mendenhall is a little weeny for pretending his shoulder hurt! James Harrison and Lamarr Woodley suck too! They got lucky on every sack! Not only that, but the O-Line plays like they weigh 13 lbs total! I HATE THE STEELERS! WE'RE GONNA LOSE EVERY GAME AFTER THIS!!!!

Originally Posted by rd31669 View Post
so why doesn't HAPA come out and say it's a joke. Bad comedy if you ask me. Bum
I thought it'd be like smiling while telling a joke- it ruins it. And it is a joke. So now I ruined it.

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