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Default Re: LaMarr Woodley ESPN Insiders Chat

Lonnie, Sioux City, Ia: You have developed quickly as an impact player. What or who has been the biggest help to get you there?

LaMarr Woodley: (4:01 PM ET ) I have to say all of the LBs on our defense and the coaching staff. Working with them and them taking the time to teach me the defense. With those LBs being there and helping me in practice.

Luke (Zanesville, OH): Lamarr I am a big Steeler and Buckeye fan. Just curious about the interaction between you and Buckeye Santonio?

LaMarr Woodley: (4:02 PM ET ) There will be trash talking every week. No matter who we play he says that we're going to lose and I tell him he's going to lose. Other than that we're cool. There's nothing going on between us.

RJ (Surprise, AZ): Mr. Woodley, you're the man! You think you could play on both sides of the ball? The O-Line sure does look like it needs some help.

LaMarr Woodley: (4:03 PM ET ) Nooooo. I'm too small for that. I'm only 265. If I was in there, they'd be blitzing and rushing my way. If you don't want our QB to be replaced, keep me on defense.

Brett (Texas): Hey Lamarr great game last night. Have you been keeping up with the new Michigan team this year? What did you think of their come back win on Saturday?

LaMarr Woodley: (4:03 PM ET ) My four years at Michigan, I'm checking in to see how they're doing. Every week, there's a battle in the lockerroom with our college teams. Once we had that big come back win against a ranked team, I think that was pretty good.

Dave, LV: Was that your first NFL touchdown? How did it feel?

LaMarr Woodley: (4:04 PM ET ) Yeah. I've only been in the NFL for two years! It was my first and hopefully not my last.

Steve (Westfield NJ): Do you feel any different mentally now that thsi is your second year in the league?

LaMarr Woodley: (4:05 PM ET ) Yeah, because last year it was more of a learning experience - coming into the NFL and first year playing OLB. Also, getting adjusted to a new city. After a whole year of that, you get comfortable in the second year.

Mike: How similar is the football atmosphere in Pittsburgh compared to that up in Ann Arbor?

LaMarr Woodley: (4:06 PM ET ) It's real similar. When you look at the tradition in Ann Arbor and in Pittsburgh. The loyal fans in Ann Arbor and in Pittsburgh. You live in that great pride and tradition around the league. At Michigan, it's the same thing.

Nick (Kalamazoo, Mi): You probably heard our favorite saying about you back at Michigan..."Guns don't kill people. LaMarr Woodley kills people." Great job, the UM faithful are rooting for you!

Tom (Grand Rapids): Did you always want to be a linebacker?

LaMarr Woodley: (4:07 PM ET ) I kind of expected to play DE. I felt like I did a great job the whole time I was in Michigan. But if you look at the 3-4, it's like a DE standing up. I have opportunities to rush but also to drop back into coverage a little bit.

Ryan (Pittsburgh): LaMarr, you know anything about that coin flip before overtime? It looked like the coin didn't flip -- just up and back down.

LaMarr Woodley: (4:07 PM ET ) You know, I wasn't even looking at that. I couldn't even tell you. I was just hoping that we'd win the coin toss, but we didn't. We had to go out and stop them as a defense.

John (Los Gatos, California): First off, I'd like to say I'm a huge Steelers fan, and congratulations on another great game last night! My question is: How was the transition from coming out of college, and now starting on one of the NFL's most tough defenses?

LaMarr Woodley: (4:08 PM ET ) What made the transition so hard was not knowing the defense or not playing OLB. But after that, you just go out and play football, something you've done your whole life. I'm just doing what I can to help the team win.

Lonnie, Sioux City, Ia: Can u play RB? We could use some help there.

LaMarr Woodley: (4:09 PM ET ) No, you don't want a big guy like me back there playing RB. The rushing yards would be in the negative every game. And a few fumbles.

Steven (NJ): Do you and your teamates do any pranks in the locker room?

LaMarr Woodley: (4:10 PM ET ) sometimes you get a few guys playing pranks. You're about to go out to practice and someone takes your helmet and puts it in someone else's locker.

Tully (Fort Collins, CO): What's a guy like you do to recover during the week - are you sore for a few days, or do you get used to the hitting?

LaMarr Woodley: (4:10 PM ET ) Usually, we'll have a game on Sunday and come in and watch film on Monday and not practice. You usually have Monday to recover. You might get in the ice tub or relax. Stay off my feet a little bit.

Josh (Austin): LaMarr, after your touchdown last night, was that the loudest you've heard that stadium?

LaMarr Woodley: (4:11 PM ET ) Oh man, it was real loud! That's why I went over to the fans and it was the loudest over there when you're close to the fans, hitting you on the helmet.

John (Los Gatos, California): Oops. Sorry for asking the same question twice previously. How's the atmosphere around the locker room before the game?

LaMarr Woodley: (4:12 PM ET ) Right before the game, you've got different guys doing different things. Some guys are listening to their music, bouncing around. Some guys are quiet. Everyone has their own way of motivating themselves.

JP (Pittsburgh): LaMarr, please tell us that you won't be on the injury report with the rest of the team this week...

LaMarr Woodley: (4:13 PM ET ) Hey, injuries, I don't have any control over. All I can do is just go out and play football. They're a part of the game.

Travis, SLC: What is it like playing in front of over 70,000 people? I can't imagine how pumped it gets you especially at home!

LaMarr Woodley: (4:13 PM ET ) You know the crowd is out there and you're excited. But you don't want to get overexcited. I don't let the crowd distract me.

Matt (IN): What's it like playing for Coach Tomlin? He seems like a no nonsense type of guy.

LaMarr Woodley: (4:14 PM ET ) Coach is laid back. That's a coach that anyone would love to have. He's honest with you and he'll not just tell you about the good, but he'll tell you about the bad. He lets us be who we are.

JP (Pittsburgh): LaMarr, it's okay to brag on this the Steelers have the best linebacking group in the NFL?

LaMarr Woodley: (4:14 PM ET ) Of course. Of course we do! Check the stats.

Steven (NJ): Has Coach Tomlin changed at all with you since last year?

LaMarr Woodley: (4:15 PM ET ) Maybe he has, I haven't seen it yet. He's doing a good job of hiding it.

LaMarr Woodley: (4:16 PM ET ) I'll continue to put on a great show for you throughout the rest of the season. Me and the rest of the defense.

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