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Default Re: The Steelers Suck!

Originally Posted by Hapa View Post
The Steelers suck! I hate them! The players are too small, too slow, too stupid. The coaches call plays like 3-year-olds. The dieticians feed them McDonalds, and the trainers aren't even trained! Ben Roethlisberger should be a back-up and Mendenhall is a little weeny for pretending his shoulder hurt! James Harrison and Lamarr Woodley suck too! They got lucky on every sack! Not only that, but the O-Line plays like they weigh 13 lbs total! I HATE THE STEELERS! WE'RE GONNA LOSE EVERY GAME AFTER THIS!!!!
Ha, if you think they suck so bad then why the hell don't you go out there and show them up? You might as well be a Ravens fan cause you talk just as much shit as Ray Lewis!
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