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Default Re: Coaches calling Time Outs

Originally Posted by flbeliever View Post
I couldn't agree with you more, I told my wife the same thing. This seems to be a bad habit of Tomlins. I think he just freaks out and call's a timeout cause he thinks it's just some kind of "coaching" thing that he should do to try and make himself feel like he's doing an adequate job. I'm not buying it! He just stands on the sidelines and specatates. I'm telling you guys, he's not that good of a head coach. He just doesn't seem to know what to do, and then, as in these situations, just does the wrong thing when he does do something. Marvel Smith wasn't hurt, quit making excuses for bad coaching. Last weeks debacle was about 80 percent coaching error as well. At least Arians stood up admitted such, but I don't think he should of taken all the blame either. I've yet to hear Tomlin admit any mistakes on his part. I'm sorry guys, he might be a good guy and all, but I don't see him successful as the Steelers, (or any other teams) head coach. I think he's probably a great players coach, but not much else.:

No, I am sorry my friend, you are incorrect. Mike Tomlin is a good coach.
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