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Default Re: Running back crazy sh*t

Originally Posted by LS43 View Post
i read i would even play for a Vet's payment:P
Shaun? Is that you...pandering for a job?

He's lost a lot of his gas, tends to not get many yards after the first hit, and could potentially have injury problems. I hope he finds a place because I like him as much as I can like a Seahawk, but I really think he's towards the end of his career. I like that he'll play for vet minimum though.

The main problem is that of the backs available in FA/PS, they're all about the same caliber -- middle of the road, with either inexperience, injury-prone, old, or personality issues. There aren't even many "project" backs available. Personally, I would've rather moved Russell up (he showed signs of power in his running) than pick Najeh up again, but really it's all six of one, half dozen of the other.

Now, that said we're in no real danger of not having HB depth, considering in 3-5 weeks we'll have, presumably, Parker, Russell/Najeh/Alexander probably, Davis, and Moore. My guess is we'll relegate Davis back to FB duties and use Parker/Moore as our primary back with the FA pickup in short yardage situations. Moore and Parker are similar backs, so as long as we can pickup a power runner we'll be fine.
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