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Default Re: Tomlin's reaction after field goal

Originally Posted by X-Terminator View Post
When in God's name will you and others with this sentiment realize that Mike Tomlin is a different kind of coach? He is NOT a fire and brimstone guy, and just because he doesn't yell at the team on the field DOES NOT mean he isn't pissed or that he doesn't yell at them in private.

Get over Cowher already!

I think Tomlin chooses his spots to "literally" show his emotions.

People may be of the opinion that he doesn't show emotion enough, or sits on his hands, or give enough ass chewings, but I'm not all that convinced that millionaires get "motivated" by getting constantly beat down. Especially in public. That's what the locker room is for. It would mean more to me if it was out of the ordinary, rather than the norm. I like his even keeled approach. Just my

"Before you can win a game, you have to not lose it." -- Chuck Noll
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