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Default Re: Despite injuries, we'll be fine.

Originally Posted by Dino 5 Rings View Post
Miss yes, lose because he isn't there, I doubt it.

yes they are "tough" but...really look at them.

Their QB has a 77.7 rating, 2 tds and 4 picks. Ranked 20.
That's not the same guy we played last year.

We can beat these guys for sure. Just attack their QB, stuff their Run and control the ball. Sounds simple but really, attacking their QB is the key. He isn't the highly rated QB is was last year now that everyone is learning his tendancies.
They are also without their 2 starting guards who are out for the season. So they haven't been nearly as effective at running the football, and as a result, Garrard has been pressured a hell of a lot more than he was last year and hasn't been as effective. If the Steelers stop their running game, they can turn Woodley and Harrison loose and make life miserable for Garrard.
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