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Default Re: Despite injuries, we'll be fine.

Originally Posted by HereWeGoSteelers219 View Post
The Mendenhall loss will only be costly for one week against Jacksonville, and if Willie gets hurt again. We're 3-1 without him anyway.

Kendall Simmons was probably our worst offensive lineman. The offense was much better after he left too.

After the Bye Week, Willie, Carey Davis, and Casey will be back, and Keisel will be back a few weeks after.

People need to chill about these injuries, including the media. They're already counting the Steelers out. And will someone tell ESPN that we beat Baltimore without 2/3 of our defensive line, one of which is a pro bowler? Not to mention an All-Pro running back missing. Oh yeah, we were playing with desperation backs in the 2nd half.

If we find a way to go down there and beat Jacksonville, we're 4-1 going into the bye, which is coming at a PERFECT time.

Sometimes its good for the media to start rumors like that.....makes us look like a non-threatning team!
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