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Default Re: Props to Mewelde Moore

Originally Posted by Preacher View Post

I gotta disagree. If you have Tivo or have it recorded... go back and watch some of those short runs. His leg drive picked up an extra yard or two for us a number of times.

Now I want the 1, 2 punch. But until Willie comes back, I think Mwelde can carry the speed aspect of that punch.
Hey Steeler fans,

I'm a Redskins fan but am also a Tulane grad and was coming to check out the scoop on Mewelde (big Big Ben fan too). I'm surprised to see not only the fan reaction but also Tomin's reaction. I was shocked to see Carey Davis in the game before Moore last week and can't believe Moore wasn't definitively named the starter for this week.

Let me provide a little of my own perspective having seen Moore since he was a freshman in college. Moore is not just a 3rd down back, he can be an every down back as he was in college and early in his career with the Vikings. Steeler fans will be lucky if he gets most of the carries vs Jax. Moore is not the fastest back, but there are few players with better vision, better change of direction and no one in the NFL has a better stiff arm.

Here's some background:

1) Moore has 273 career carries. 155 (56%) have come on 1st down for 757 yards, or 4.9 yards per carry. Think Moore doesn't have the power to run between the tackles? Go ahead and re-watch his first goal line carry vs the Ravens. He met Ray Ray 1-on-1 in the hole and Ray Ray went backwards.

2) Wondering what happens when Moore gets 20+ touches? Moore got 20+ touches 8 times in his career with the Vikings. In those games he averaged 139 yards from scrimmage and the Vikings were 7-1. And those mostly were the Brad Johnson/Travis Taylor Vikings.

3) You may have noticed that on the 24 yard catch in OT, Moore broke a ridiculous number of tackles and had a sweet stiff arm. Those were not flukes. Go to Moore's page and check his other video highlights.

Compare Moore to Reggie Bush since they are the same type of player.


Mewelde Moore: 273 carries, 1304 yds, 4.8 ypc, 119 catches, 1130 yds, 9.5 ypr
Reggie Bush: 364 carries, 1329 yds, 3.7 ypc, 192 catches, 1416 yds, 7.4 ypr

For the sake of my fantasy team (and a lethal Steelers offense), I've been waiting to see the no huddle with Moore used in a Brian Westbrook role. Don't be surprised if/when Moore gets enough touches vs Jax if he creates a RB controversy. Moore just needs a chance, just like it took 4-5 years for Tiki Barber and Brian Westbrook to shake the "only a 3rd down back" label. I realize that I have a bias, but we'll hopefully get to see this weekend.

The Jags defense is NOT what it used to be. The Steelers can run on them. Good luck this weekend!
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