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Default Re: Till Mods come back...

Originally Posted by The Duke View Post
It's surprising how many there are, especially considering the site is no longer accepting free email accounts for registration

but you mods are doing an excellent job, keep it up.

and I'll keep an eye out for spammers during the night
Thanks for the support and kind words, Duke - we really do appreciate it!

There must be a problem with the software or the server itself, as these spammers and bots are getting through with several of the free email domains out there. Don't know how that is possible, but it's happening. In 3 days, Gary and I have probably booted over 175 spammers and bots, as well as SPAM and porno from the site. Mike must be on an extended vacation or something - we just keep trying to contact him but thus far, no reply. Actually, I'm getting worried - this just isn't like him.

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