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Default Re: OVER RATED *clap clap clap clap clap*

Originally Posted by tony hipchest
all the pats fans have been saying (maybe even you said this) that the colts couldnt possibly beat the pats because of past failures. why wouldnt the same hold true for denver vs. colts? or does it not work both ways? how convinient. heres some intangibles: peyton actually has big game experience and the colts pretty much handled the patriots (with brady, bilicheck, vinatieri and the best big game clutch defense in the league). indy has a better qb than denver and a better rb, and i think there defens is ranked higher... dont mean a indy victory is inevitable but i do think denver is beatable (even by the steelers)
Sorry to ruin the party, but that Monday night game was perfect weather. No snow, wasn't very cold. I still don't think Peyton can beat the Pats in our weather. and we won't find that out this season either.
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