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Default Re: The Pens!!!!

Moves that need to be made after this season.

1) Patrick needs to go. The buddy/buddy system that is in place with Lemieux and Patrick is destroying this hockey team. There are no excuses for this team to be this bad. Patrick dropped the ball this year and hasn't done much since 1992. The way he handled the "Fleury situation" earlier in the season was the last call for me. He would rather save some cash than give the fans what they expected to see and what they paid to see......a winning hockey team.

2) Lemieux needs to retire and simply be an owner. While I respect Lemieux just as much as the next fan, his skills are not the same (to be expected) and any coach that is on this team and coaching Lemieux will be on a leash. Lemieux could go 30 games without a point and the head coach would NEVER sit him out. That's like telling your boss "You know what, I don't like the way your handling things, take a seat until I see your ready to step it up and do what's right.". It's never going to happen. As stated before, I respect Lemieux and appreciate everything he has done for Pittsburgh hockey, but I don't feel that gives him a free pass as long as he is organized with this hockey team. It's time for him to hang up the skates and focus on making this a legitimate hockey team and not the New York Rangers of years past. I know a great number hate to hear this because Mario is at Jesus status in this city, but things need to change and change fast. What we are doing here is NOT working.

3) Start over. We are not able to trade players such as Gonchar, LeClair or Recchi but in my opinion we need to start on a clean sheet of ice. Focus this team next season around Crosby, Fleury and Malkin. Not players that are way past their prime such as LeClair, Lemieux, Recchi and Odelein. They are not the future. They were simply brought in for veteran leadership and to give us a chance at winning a cup THIS season. That didn't work. Regroup, make the right decisions, start over and in three or four years from now we could easily be one of the elite teams in the NHL.

I'm obviously not an NHL team owner or GM, but this season has been horrendous and there is no excuse for this team. From the top on down needs to take the blame and one guy at the top needs to be fired and the other needs to focus on owning a team.

Since Therrian has taken over there is no doubt in the change of play. Therrian doesn't play the buddy/buddy system. Edzo was a direct product of the buddy/buddy system that surrounds this hockey team and has surrounded this hockey team for the last fourteen years. They went from a high school hockey team to an AHL hockey team since Therrian took over. Sadly, the change occured way too late. It should have occured on our Florida road trip earlier in the season and definately after the Minnesota and Detroit melt downs. Lemieux and Patrick decided to hold off until we were in a deeper hole. We are there now.

The question I have, what is this team going to look like when Lemieux comes back? Are our young players going to feel the need to throw him the puck in the corner every time they enter the opposing teams end of the ice instead of taking the shot or passing it else where? More importantly, our PP has been very good the last few games, do you mess with that so you can put Mario Lemieux out there on the first PP unit? Does Therrian have the nuts to bench his boss If he's doing absolutely nothing on the ice?

Sorry need to vent.
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