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Default Re: Browns fans with class???

I'm here and I'm healthy!

Although tailgating with the Browns fans was interesting and vulgar of course!

Also, a Steelers fan was bashed over the head with a beer bottle and I saw him looking quite out of it with his friends helping him to safety. I don't know the context of what happened, I just know that I was walking up a slight hill surrounded by tailgater's and someone told me, "I wouldn't go that way if I was you." I was sporting a Willie Parker jersey. Thats when i saw him faltering and bleeding a bit.

That was a little scary, but overall it was a ton of fun, and watching the Steelers edge the browns in a close one with crazy weather was great! The wind was unbelievable, I saw atleast 5+ hats fly up over my section when gusts came.
I'm a Steeler fan because of their tradition, character, and heart. There is no better at these 3.
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