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Default Re: Torino 2006: XX Olympic Winter Games (February 10th - 26th)

Originally Posted by Brady12
USA will bring home more medals than Canada, but we will win on the ice... I think to most Canadians tha's the only thing that matters.
That's cuz all you have going up there in Canada is hockey...(lol)! j/k Regarding your past men's figure skating champions, I do think Kurt Browning is a hottie; Elvis Stojko, not so much...(lol)...although he is a great entertainer on the ice!

Steel - X... I agree wholeheartedly w/you about our Olympic athletes. Those guys and gals love their individual sports and train for them while holding down jobs, families, having babies, etc. They do it for the love of their sport and their country. Can't beat it!

Bobsledding is cool. I'm looking forward to the snowboarding, too!
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