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Default Re: Democrats & Republicans

Originally Posted by X-Terminator View Post

At this point, you all can thank your lucky stars that I'm no longer a moderator, because I would have had far less patience than Gary and Marianne have had.
that comes off as rather threatening (2nd time youve said it in 2 days). i thank my lucky stars you are no longer a mod. i appreciate a forum that allows free speech to those who are capable of practicing self contol.

LLT, im glad to see you start this thread. i have already said my piece in revs thread and apologized to him.

nobodys perfect. neither candidate is perfect. hell, even the steelers arent perfect.

life will go on.

in the meantime, as long as its fair to point out when the browns and bungles are losing on this board, its just as fair to point out where a presidential campaign may be losing.

most people who know the "game", know it isnt over til the 4th quarter though.

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