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Default Re: Democrats & Republicans

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
yes, you are blatantly honest about it (to the point of cramming it down our throats).

thanks for suggesting nobody around here has any self control as if you are the only one who does. i find it a bit insulting to ALL members who chose to participate in these forums (and to the mods who do the best they can).

there are plenty of great members who dont even bother reading the political diatribe. perhaps that is the route for you.
Never said I was the only one with any self-control. Perhaps I should have said many of those involved, but my point still stands.

Bottom line is political discussions in general suffer from a lack of respect, and it's that lack of respect that lead to the problems that the discussions here have had since mid-summer. There are a LOT of good people on this board, Tony, and I'd rather not see it all blow up just because of simple disagreements or because of the candidate you support. That's why I feel we'd be better off without them. You disagree, and that's fine - I respect that and understand. I take a lot of unpopular stances because I'm a bit of a "maverick," for lack of a better term, so I'm used to having a few shots thrown in my directions.

At any rate, I have hijacked this thread enough and apologize for taking it down this path. I just wanted to speak my mind on the issue and will now drop it once and for all.
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