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Default Re: Hope gets a new contract

Originally Posted by ironcitychef
Holy Cow. Do people think this is the year for us or what? All these 1 year deals. My FA scorecard for end of season looks like this:

Offense: Haynes, Cushing, Mays, Battaglia, Rasby, Morey, St. Pierre, Randle El, Bettis, Ward(for now), Tuman, Burr, and Schneck

Defense: Keisel, Hampton, Kimo VonO, Hoke, Kriewaldt, Townsend, Taylor, and Hope.
21? Is that right need some help checking facts?
OK, before the sky starts falling from all the FAs leaving town, let's look at your list:

Retiring: Bettis, Kimo

Starters: Randle El (maybe), Ward, Tuman (for now), Hampton, Townsend, Hope.

So of the 21 FAs only 6 are projected as starters for 2006, and that's IF Tuman remains as our TE, or Townsend as our CB. Colclough/Taylor should be ready to take over full time in 2006.

The only ones that I'd be concerned with are Randle El, Ward, Hampton and maybe Hope, depending on his year. No starting OL on your list, and that's a VERY good thing.
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