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Originally Posted by clevestinks
Since this is the Blast Furnace.

BKA, You Suck, your teams sucks, all your thoughts suck, you don`t know squat about football. If you really think that your shitty ass team will beat us on primetime, then you`ve got alot to learn. Year after year your team sucks. NEVER EVER EVER been to a Superbowl. Hell as a brownie fan the only way for you to ever go is to join the band and play at halftime, you little two bit geek. Find a site where they actually care about what you say. After you do your homework, and put on your clear-a-sel . Go away its definitley to early for you to run your yap. Steelers fans yes we are a good football team, Hell even pats fan can run his mouth, but you your a bottom feeder, get going wait till your team actually proves something.
Calm down there champ...Just having a little fun....Guess you guys here take it to seriously....Hell if you dont like me then just tell me!
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