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Default Re: If you were starting the Steelers from scratch and could keep only ONE player...

I think if you are building a winner in the mold of "Steelers strategy" then you would never take a guy like Harrison, Ward or any of the other 30 or older guys. Why not Harrison? Well 3 years from now, he will likely want Joey Porter type money (as he should) and see a decline in his play each year after. Ward and anyone else over 30 just isn't your prototypical player you build around because of age factors. That leads me to Woodley and Polamalu. I am a huuuuuge Woodley fan, even purchased his jersey down at Station Square before the 2007 season even started. But unfortunately I think it is much easier to fill the OLB position with a star in Pittsburgh than it is to find a once every 30 years (per team) safety like Polamalu.
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