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Default Re: Drinking with a Redneck Girl

Originally Posted by SteelersMongol View Post
Sorry I didn't know. Maybe that explains your sense of humor. My Iranian teacher & Palestinian guy that I studied with, only Middle Easterners that I knew when I was in the states, both were unbelievably humorous.
You can stop right there big guy, I hope your a guy anyway ... never knew a female mongol ... wait I think my x-mother-in-law might qualify. Then would she be a mongal?

Hey I just like to make people laugh and smile, if they are doing that just for a short time they are forgetting the problems they may have if just for a short time.

Besides I fought for your right to take offense, but if you keep it up I will get pissed off, because it is better to be pissed of than pissed on. Not that I was ever pissed on, wait there was that little dog that learned to fly off my shoe, and he didn't even have a pilots license and I wouldn't lend him mine.

But I will have a beer with you if you promise not to have it come out you nose.

Ok I will also behave, can you see my fingers crossed? Well they are not but my legs are because I have to go to the bathroom and the little ones are in there and they won't let me in. I begged and begged, they just laughed, just like my wife. She says that is doggy style, she sits up and I beg. Heck I don't even get a doggy biscuit for the begging.

But I am not a towel head, a rag head, not even a camel jockey ... Lebanese drive expensive cars. Well the real one do the rest are Syrians that forgot to go home.

Another thought that is not a rag or towell on their heads, those are little sheets, so to be PC, cal them sheet heads.

Here We Go Brownies Here We Go Woof Woof
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