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Default Re: If you were starting the Steelers from scratch and could keep only ONE player...

Originally Posted by xfl2001fan View Post
may be a product of significant talent around them (Holmes has Ward, Parker, Ben, the LB's have a great 3-4 DL with good LBs around them to draw attention.)

That's funny lol - who is benefiting from who? Holmes benefiting from Ward? Other way around? All a product of Ben's greatness? Ben is a product of the skill positions around him? Willie is most definitely not a product of the O line lol... That great 3-4 D-Line you're talking about was two men down a good portion of this season and the LBers still produced therefore that's bogus... I understand what you're saying, but the only situation I could see where possibly this player is a product of the talent around him is Holmes. I don't believe that, but that is the only scenario I see which your theory could have some credit. Ward has been producing long before Ben came, Ben has produced with our #3 and #4 WRs starting before, Parker has had to deal with a bad O-Line... And as I said, even through injury this year to the D-Line the LBers have performed MORE than well. I do agree with you on age and injury. Sorry lol, that was unnecessary but I felt a need to break that down (If only for myself).
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