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Default Re: Jacksonville Jaguars

Originally Posted by Suitanim
I posted this in another thread, but it's equally as applicable here...

The Pats basically have a bye, playing the worst 12-4 playoff team in NFL history. After the bye, they played one of the jokiest schedules I've ever literally looks like a laundry list of first round draft pick contenders (except for the Indy game, which they lost). Bellichick was quite clever to lose the Miami game and avoid Pittsburgh...

2005 JAX Schedule

Sep 11 Seattle Won 26-14
Sep 18 @Indianapolis Lost 3-10
Sep 25 @N.Y. Jets Won 26-20
Oct 2 Denver Lost 7-20
Oct 9 Cincinnati Won 23-20
Oct 16 @Pittsburgh Won 23-17
Week 7 BYE
Oct 30 @St. Louis Lost 21-24
Nov 6 Houston Won 21-14
Nov 13 Baltimore Won 30-3
Nov 20 @Tennessee Won 31-28
Nov 27 @Arizona Won 24-17
Dec 4 @Cleveland Won 20-14
Dec 11 Indianapolis Lost 18-26
Dec 18 San Francisco Won 10-9
Dec 24 @Houston Won 38-20
Jan 1 Tennessee Won 40-13
The pats basically have a bye my ***. I don't know which is more accurate...New England is overrated or Jacksonville is underrated. Earth calling to pats fans, you think Jacksonville's schedule was a joke? Look at yours: you played half-way decent teams the first half of the season and couldn't put together two wins in a row until week 11. Then Tedy Bruschi comes back and you finish 6-2 during the last 8 weeks and the season is saved. Are you kidding me? During that time you beat miami, new orleans, the new york jets, buffalo, tampa bay, and the new york jets. The only impressive win was against Tampa still faltered when the competition level stepped up, losing to Kansas City and Miami when they got hot.

Jacksonville is a very good defensive team and the only team that could come close to shutting down the Colts' offense. Now going into the playoffs, they'll finally have Byron Leftwich back. The pats have consistently been a one-dimensional team on offense with no running game, that's not going to work in the playoffs, especially against a good defense like Jacksonville's. And if you buy into the Tedy Bruschi being the savior of the season, what is New England going to do without him against Jacksonville?
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