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Default Re: If you were starting the Steelers from scratch and could keep only ONE player...

Originally Posted by ShutDown24 View Post

That's funny lol - who is benefiting from who? Holmes benefiting from Ward? Other way around? All a product of Ben's greatness? Ben is a product of the skill positions around him? Willie is most definitely not a product of the O line lol... That great 3-4 D-Line you're talking about was two men down a good portion of this season and the LBers still produced therefore that's bogus... I understand what you're saying, but the only situation I could see where possibly this player is a product of the talent around him is Holmes. I don't believe that, but that is the only scenario I see which your theory could have some credit. Ward has been producing long before Ben came, Ben has produced with our #3 and #4 WRs starting before, Parker has had to deal with a bad O-Line... And as I said, even through injury this year to the D-Line the LBers have performed MORE than well. I do agree with you on age and injury. Sorry lol, that was unnecessary but I felt a need to break that down (If only for myself).
Yeah, I'm late getting to this. It happens.

I truly believe (in the case of your Linebackers) that they are good individual linebackers. In this specific case, the total effect is greater than the sum of the individual pieces.

I think that Woodley would be pretty good on any team. Harrison too. Etc...However, having those guys together with a Troy P, Hampton, DE Smith etc...well, I don't need to tell you how good they are.

The fact that there are injuries in the more "key pieces" of your defense (IMO) gives credence to the fact that they are good, but a big part of that is how good the other (healthy) guys around them are as well. Teams still can't key on Harrison, because there are three other guys (and some behind them in the DC) who can make you pay for ignoring them.

It's also a huge tribute to Coach L. because his schemes are excellent and your guys are almost always in the right place in the right time.
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