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Default Re: Jacksonville Jaguars

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
Hey 85,

Whats the rent like these days on that glass house you're living in?

Must be nice in the summer with all them rays keeping you warm - only one house rule aswell.......People Who Live Here Shouldn't Throw Stones

I cannot believe the balls on a Bengal fan to draw a distinction between a teams performances against quality opposition and non-quality opposition.

For the record the Patriots had the 3rd most difficult schedule in football this year, the Bengals had the 11th.

Cincinatti beat up on some pretty poor opposition this year - you got to play Minnesota early when they were completely disorganised - luckily for your strength of schedule (SOS) rating they managed to pull things around in the 2nd half of the season.

You also beat the Bears when they were still finding their feet - but I can give your team props for that one - Chicago is a good team.

What happens when you finally meet decent AFC opposition in week 5 though?

Yeah thats right you got beaten.

Still, never mind at least you got to play Tennessee the following week to get your confidence back - by putting an 8 point whupping on them.

Next AFC challenge - the Steelers - guess what....its another defeat - and this time at home.

A routine victory against a piss-poor Ravens team is quickly followed by another defeat to quality AFC opposition - the Colts this time.

You see a theme developing here?

December finally brings another quality victory - in the house of Pittsburgh - props for that - but guess who beat you to that one? Yup the Pats done that back in week 3.

3 more power houses of the NFL next up for Cincy - Cleveland, Detriot and Buffalo - Buffalo is part of the worst division in football - the Pats totally shut them down - so I guess we'll chalk up an easy Cincy victory?

WRONG. The impotent attack of Buffalo puts up 37 POINTS on the pathetic Cincy D - wow embarrassing!

Obviously the Cincy D has found a new favorite number in 37 - because it goes right ahead and gets beaten like a drum by Kansas City by the same total the following week.

Looks like the Bengals could be the biggest paper tigers in the NFL playoffs.

I know very well the Patriots have faltered against top quality opposition this year - even the most anti-Patriot would lay alot of that on the doorstep of catastrophic injuries - whats your excuse?

I also dont remember getting 37 points put on our D by a team that was averaging less than 15 per game on offense.

I am well aware of what Suit doing with his predictions of a 'bye-week' for the Pats - he is covering himself so he doesnt have to give us any praise if we win.

If I was you I would concentrate my talents on the game ahead - instead of trying to lay smack on a team that has won 3 of the last 4 Superbowls.


Holly cow LITP, you made good points above but my goodness your hands have to be killing you....That is one of the longest replies I've ever seen.....Props to you for hanging on that long.
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