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Default Re: Nittany Lions, Come Out And Play!

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post

Like Tressel is some kind of idiot? He benched the QB who took him to a NC game for a LB imposter?

Dude, there are limits to the levels of ridiculous excuses I'll accept from PSU fans because they lost Pryor.

This one goes WAY past that....

The beauty of this statement is that it's "out there" made it public. So I can save it and you'll have to face the consequences later (maybe 2010, but waste not, want not). on to that thought......You've left a lot of room to cling on to that hope. Maybe the Bunglers will be back on top by then and we can continue this on an OHIO

In the meantime.....see ya in the BCS CG....We'll save Tress a ticket

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