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Default Re: Nittany Lions, Come Out And Play!

Ridiculous. I've been nothing but respectful of PSU, and this is the kind of low rent reciprocation I get for that?

Pryor is 19 running someone else's offense. Remember, Boeckman was the starter this year, and the whole offense was geared around a pocket passer, NOT another Troy Smith. Pryor has all the skills to be a GREAT QB and you are drinking some kind of hater Kool Aid if you think not...

Also, THIS year was not what Pryor was recruited for, so why is it so bad for me to wait until he has a year or two under his belt to actually assess his performance and value to the team. What value did Clark have to PSU last year versus this year? Would have you called him a bust based on what he did last year?

Finally, here is my final take on the OSU/PSU game, and then I'm done with this (although I still very much do wnat them to win a NC, regardless of the level of class shown by some fans here).

PSU's offense is MUCH more explosive than OSU's. They are just flat-out better than the Buckeyes offensively. They have a better OL, a better scheme, and they execute better. HOWEVER, OSU's defense is far superior to PSU's. PSU can do everything, run, pass short and long, they have a running QB, and for the Bucks to hold them to 13 given all the adversity they faced with an inept offense was remarkable.

OSU also did themselves zero favors by lining up almost every 1st and 2nd down and running right into the teeth of a PSU defense that knew exactly what was coming. The line that "Pryor was measured and came up short" is interesting because, by that "logic", then Wells also sucks, because he was also basically not effective against the Lions D. But how could he be? Hell, Walter Payton wouldn't have done much better. The Buckeyes offense is one-dimensional and predictable. PSU was able to effectively totally sell out against the run almost every 1st and 2nd down, and the Bucks played right into that. PSU also executed well, so that helps them, but OSU is going nowhere fast until they open up a little and throw the damned ball down the field. Until they do that, defense will continue to stack the box against them and shut down (or slow down, depending on that D's talent level) the running game.

The level of competition both teams face the rest of the season is weak. Both should win out. There's no reason that OSU can't secure a bid in the Rose Bowl, maybe even facing USC in rematch., assuming PSU plays for the NC. There's still plenty to play for, but if the Bucks continue to just run the ball on early downs, they'll be just as effective against USC as they were against them the first time and against PSU.
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