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Default Re: Pirates Update

Cleve you nailed it! You are hired. I almost want to post the Bull Durham rant of "you throw the ball, you hit the ball, you catch the ball." I think I just did...

4/19/05 7-1 loss to St. Louis Cardinals (so much for gaining ground)
Pirates are 4-10 (5.0 back of the Cards)((worst start in 10 years))
Who is Hot:
No one. Simply one. Wait...actually John Russell(3rd base coach) has gone 4 games without anyone needing to retake the signals. Way to be on your game John!
Who is Not:
That Damn computer program. I read it had 4 line ups with averages of 716, 711, 707, and 707 runs a year. You know I love to number crunch so...that's 4.42, 4.38, and 4.36 runs a game. So far we have 39 runs in 14 games...carry the two...divide by 3.145...Holy Crap! We are only averging 2.79 runs a game. Consider our starting five have a combined ERA of a whopping 23.92(4.78 per game) where are in for some serious painful slumps here people. My question pirates fans...if we didn't put Zach Duke in the rotation to not damage his pshyche or whatever, what does Oliver Perez feel like with a 9.something ERA? Show me some hope McClatchy!
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