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Default Re: herm edwards a chief. parcells will stay

yeah, i respect Parcells a great deal, but ive never forgiven him for negotiating with the Jets during the 1996 Patriot playoff run. all that crap ruined what should have been a glorious time. And its interesting how Parcells has won 2 SB's, but other than the 1994 Patriots and 2003 Cowboys hes never been to the playoffs without Bill Belichick. Belichick meanwhile, has 3 SB's as a coach and been the DC with 2 others.
Parcells is 5 games over. 500 with Dallas, 10 over with the Jets, and was exactly .500 with the Patriots. 15 games over .500 over his last 10 years of coaching. Meanwhile, Belichick is 72-33 with the Patriots, including playoffs. So who do you think a Patriot fan thinks is the real genius?
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