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Default Re: People jumping off of Big Ben's wagon

Originally Posted by fansince'76 View Post
Bradshaw was as tough as they came. Bradshaw, like Ben, took a lot of undue criticism which is why he had that chip on his shoulder - it was caused by the same mentality that leads to idiots calling Ben "Big Pick Oafishburger" and the like after one bad game. Bradshaw's 60 years old now. He's mellowed.

I'm far from an idiot Billy boy. And i and as anyone else
has the right and freedom to voice their opinions whether or not they are in accordance with your "beliefs ".

And for the record, disdain for Roethlisberger is not "new" by any means. So miss me with the "one bad game " theory.

But you wouldn't know that,..because you do not know me personally .And as such you indeed are the only one displaying "idiocy" and or ignorance upon a message board to an individual that you most certainly would not do so to in his presence.

And that's the difference between you and i.
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