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Default Re: Smith edges Dungy for Coach of the Year

Originally Posted by 3 to be 4
well, the Panthers ARE pretty good. and it was at Carolina. its true, the first half of the season the injury excuse grew old. only one mainstram Boston media type, Michael Felgder of the Boston Herald, called the coaches and players out on that. But overall, 10-6
after losing Harrison,Light, and Koppen for the year, Bruschi for the first half, Seymour for a significant time, Dillon for a significant time, Faulk for most of the season. its not bad at all. the real test starts tonight. the Belichick votes sound like more of a lifetime achievement thing.

personally, i think Brady was disrespected by not get any votes. haha
lol you can bet he feels disrespected

and i look at all the starters the steelers lost last year and cant believe cowher wasnt recognized for fielding a 15-1 team. duce staley, maddox (which was an unknown at the time blessing in disguise or else they go 9-7) c. scott, k. bell, c. hampton, m. smith,
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