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Default Best way to get from NYC to Pitt & also bag lockers near stadium?

Right as some of you know I am travelling over from London for 2 games this year (Chargers and Bungles)

I have bought my ticket for the Chargers game but am holding off until I get out there for the Bungles one as it being a Thursday night playing a winless team it may be easier to buy one nearer face value then....anyways thats not what this thread is about.

I need to get from NYC over to Pittsburgh for the Sunday game, at the moment I am looking at Jetblue on Sunday morning, is this a good way to get there? I then need to return to NYC after the thursday game, am I best getting a Greyhound coach after the game? Any travel information would be greatly appreciated

I also know that you cannot take bags into the stadium as I will not be driving I cannot leave them in my car, is there any bag lockers near the stadium or does anyone know the best thing to do with bags and not having a car???

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