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Default Re: Marcus Vick kicked out at VT.

Originally Posted by SalukiSteelers
The best part about the Vick thing is a quote I saw on ESPN, last night. Instead of man-ing up and admitting he was a jerk and apologizing for his brutal behavior while at VT, Vick said (and I'm paraphrasing)this about getting kicked off the team: "I don't really care. I'll just go to next level, baby." Wow, this guy just doesn't get it, does he? It makes me wonder if he even gets drafted.
its not like he wanted to stay in school for an education. hes looking for a winning lottery ticket and thats it. if that means playing a game for 5-10 years im sure hes happy with that but he just dont seem like the type of person who is looking at getting a job and a career after football as an option. life is pretty much an ongoing party for him.
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