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Default Re: What do past champions say?

Whatever the outcome of tonight's Jags/Pats tilt, it's been a great few years for the chowds.

If they run the table, it would be tough not to put New England right with, or even above, the Steelers teams of the '70's. Maybe not in overall players (the awesom Dwayne Washington aside), but organizationally what Pioli and Bellichik will have done is really amazing.

I really hate the Patriots but I respect the heck out of them. To tell you the truth, I'm rooting for a Jags win. Not to preserve the age-yellowed memories of Steelers teams which dominated a decade I was barely a part of, but just to make sure that the most battle-tested team in the post-season isn't around to spoil Pittsburgh's party, if they can get to the point of having one, this season. Nobody wants to play at Gillette in January. Well, nobody but the defending Super Bowl Champions, that is.
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