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Default Re: Who Went To The Giants-Steelers Game?

Originally Posted by nbj View Post
For those who went, I had a couple of questions. If you wouldn't mind, could you answer?

1) Were there a lot of Giants fans there?

Not an excessive amount. There was the usual group in the designated visiting team section but no more than usual.

-How many, what percent would you say? Hard to say.

2) How did this compare to other teams? About the same

-Was this one of the larger turnouts? No. Eagles are always first, then Browns, Bungles and Ratbirds.
-Compared to the Browns/Bengals/Ravens/Eagles...where did this rank?

3) How did this compare to when the Steelers are at the Giants? Steeler fans always travel well. I don't know about the Giants but I was at the Jets/Steelers game last year in NJ and it was 70% Steelers / 30% Jets. The Jets were having a terrible season so I wasn't surprise. The game itself sucked.


4) How were the Giants fans? They were fine. They know they're not in their house, they'd be silly to start anything.

5) How did the Steeler fans treat Giants fans? Steeler fans treat ALL visiting fans well. Anyone who's been to a Steelers' game knows this.

hope that helps you...btw way. Why did you want to know all this?
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