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Default Re: Who Went To The Giants-Steelers Game?

see below

Originally Posted by nbj View Post
For those who went, I had a couple of questions. If you wouldn't mind, could you answer?

1) Were there a lot of Giants fans there? More than I expected.
-How many, what percent would you say? Maybe 2% if that. They stuck out since most of them had on blue... I
2) How did this compare to other teams? Better than any other non-division team, but not as much as the browns.
-Was this one of the larger turnouts?
-Compared to the Browns/Bengals/Ravens/Eagles...where did this rank? Compared to DIVISION, I would say, more than Bengals, but less than Browns or Ravens. I have not been to a *regular season* home game vs. the eagles.
3) How did this compare to when the Steelers are at the Giants?
-Similar? I've never travelled to NY

4) How were the Giants fans? They were okay.... I saw two getting escorted out of our section right at the beginning of the game, and were the only people I saw being escorted out, so they obviously did something wrong.

5) How did the Steeler fans treat Giants fans? Boo'd them a little, but generally left them alone &, didn't start a fight..


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