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Default Re: Marcus Vick kicked out at VT.

Originally Posted by tony hipchest
its not like he wanted to stay in school for an education. hes looking for a winning lottery ticket and thats it. if that means playing a game for 5-10 years im sure hes happy with that but he just dont seem like the type of person who is looking at getting a job and a career after football as an option. life is pretty much an ongoing party for him.
Oh yeah, I know that guy wasn't there for the ed-ja-ma-ca-shun, but he still should be bright enough to know how to fake it to the media. America eats up false contrition and sincerity and if Vick's IQ was equal to his jersey number, he'd know that. What, he can't ask his brother for advice on how to deal with stuff? The dude is a doofus, hipchest, and if he can't fake it any better than that, he better be one heck of a QB.

NFL teams will give jerks a shot -- see Lawrence Phillips, Maurice Clarett, the goofball woman beater from the Dolphins (Cecil the Diesel??) -- but they'll only put up with it if the good exceeds the garbage. With this guy, the Dumpster lid is overflowing and there's no recycleables in site.

It's not like he's ever done anything other than have the same father as Mike. Other than that, he's had a terribly disappointing college career and an even more reprehensible sense of self-control and responsibility to his name, his coach and team, the university he represents and its fans, and, finally, to himself. Next level?!? Not with the way he's going.

Any takers that he DOESN'T fail his urinalysis before the draft?
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