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Default Re: Best seats for a first timer

No areas have an obstructed view, you can see on the map where the jumbotron is, so the closer you get to that (in the open end), the more you have to turn your head to see it.. but everyone can see it, unless you are sitting in those endzone seats below it, but that would be unlikely.

and.. obviously the more you get closer to the closed-end endzone, the less you are going to see when the play is at the other end of the field... but you have the jumbotron to see anyways... I sit in 127... near the closed endzone and I like them.

I wouldn't shy away from upper level mid-field seats either, they are still GREAT seats, get to see everything.... I'd rather have upper level seats (in the lower portion of the upper level) mid-field than my 127 seats....


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