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Default Re: bill cowher joke of the week pt. II

I think what Cowher is saying is that, yes, they are a young team, but there are guys on that roster who've been there before. Of course the playoffs are a different animal from the first sixteen games but those first sixteen are still beasts. If Cincy comes out and plays a solid, error-free football game, while forcing Ben in to some tough choices, well, all the experience in the world might not help. At some point, even on the smallest level, athletic ability and talent make a difference, espceially if there aren't mistakes. Not saying that the Bengals are more talented than the Steelers but I am saying that they have enough guys who can play to the Steelers out in the Wild Card round. Cowher is probably just doing all he can to keep his guys focused on 2006 so they're not "living in the past."
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