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Default Re: LOL What is it with USC?

Damn, fellas, cut ol' Matty a break. He just watched one player -- Vince is great but he's still one player -- carve his team's defense apart to win the game. Leinart didn't have his geatest day and a series of bone-headed moves from SC players -- yeah, you Reggie -- and coaches -- why not punt and make the 'Horns have to drive 80 yards down the field -- cost the Trojans a little better shot at a title. That, and he was probably shocked to lose. What, they caught maybe two-minutes after the game? It wasn't the classiest move ever and the guy could have definitely been a lot more greacious in defeat but I don't think that just becuase of a heat of the moment slip-up he deserves to be drilled. To tell you the truth, I could care less about what he does in the NFL as long as it doesn't cost the Steelers any wins.
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