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Default Re: Getting booted...

Originally Posted by Steelman16 View Post
Wait, so is the 15 min timeout when posting? Or just generally logged in?

Guess I'm a little confuzzled. I've never had a problem with getting logged out unless I was on really bad WiFi.
Actually both, to a certain extent. When just generally logged in, if you're reading a thread or a post, and you walk away from your computer for 20 minutes or so, your session will time out and you will need to log in again upon your return. However, if you're reading a multi-page thread, and you go to the next page in the thread - the activity of "moving" from one page to another, or for that matter, one thread to another resets the 15-minute timeout "clock" each time you "move."

When replying to a post, the same principle applies - when you're typing the reply, the 15-minute timeout "clock" is counting down as you're typing it. Another way around this besides typing a long reply in a notepad and cutting and pasting it after finishing it would be to periodically hit the "preview" button while typing the reply - this is seen as "activity" by vBulletin and the 15-minute timeout "clock" resets as a result.
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