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Default Re: LOL What is it with USC?

Originally Posted by Go_Cats
Are you kidding? Did you even watch the Rose Bowl? The Big 10 officiating was horrible!
You're wrong, Go_Cats, the officiating was worse than horrible and the main reason I think it sucked so bad was the freakin' replay. Those yard apes in stripes were scared to make a call so they relied on the booth. When it came time to correct a couple of errors, what do you know, the monitor went out. Look, I don't give a rip about who won the game but the officials were garbage. They screwed USC and they screwed Texas. At least they were equal opportunity offenders. The lateral play sucked but Leinart dodged an interception, as well. Replay, especially in the college format, does more to mess up games than almost anything else.
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