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Default Steelers & the division

Really.. because getting to the playoffs is step #1.. right??

So.. here we are 5-2, 7 games in... 9 more to go.. 8 more after tonight, so after tonight, *officially* halfway through the Steelers season.

Here is what the Steelers have left:

@ Redskins
vs. Colts
vs. Chargers
vs. Bengals
@ Patriots
vs. Cowboys
@ Ravens
@ Titans
vs. Browns

After this past weeks performances.. (IMHO).. the toughest games are:
1. @ the Titans.... though they might start to skate by then
2. @ the Redskins tonight... they are playing pretty well
3. vs. Cowboys - will Romo be back & the boys be hungry to reestablish themselves?
4. @ Ravens, Flacco & co are finding a way to win, and gave us trouble in Sept.. this away game.. will be a pivotal game.

So.. if we really stink & lose 3 of those 4 games, we'll end up 11-5... and the other games certainly aren't 'gimmes' either.

The RAVENS - are only 1/2 game behind us RIGHT NOW, and would be tied (albiet not toally since we beat them) with us a 5-3 if we lose tonight!... their remaining schedule is:

@ Houston - expect a W for the Ravens
@ Giants - I would pick the Giants in this one
vs. Eagles - depends on which eagles team shows, but I give the Eagles the edge
@ Bengals - expect a W for the Ravens
vs. Redskins - could go either way.. gotta hope Skins win
vs. Steelers - this is going to be a piviot game...
@ Cowboys - Romo will be back, edge to Cowboys
vs. Jaguars - Jags will be looking for their season to end & Ravens will be hoping to make the playoffs, Ravens W

That being said.. so that puts them @ 9-7 if they beat us... 8-8 if they lose to us.

vs. Denver - could see this as a W for the Browns, Denver looks crappy
@ Buffalo - Jets went & beat buffalo, but buffalo is going to be hungry to stay in the the playoff picture - Bills win
vs. Houston - would certainly think the Browns would win this
vs. Colts - if Joe Flacco can beat the Browns, Peyton Manning can
@ Titans - Titans defense will have a field day, and Browns defense won't stop even the Titans so-so offense
@ Eagles - I would expect a big offensive effort by the eagles in this one.. W for Eagles
vs. Bengals - unless Browns start to skate to look forward to the end of the seaons, expect a W for the Browns
@ Steelers - by then the Browns will be looking to start the off-season & the Steelers will enjoy the home crowd.

That puts the Browns @ 5-11

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